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is it a sin to be an obnoxious human

deliver me from obnoxious christians,
don't get me wrong...
i have nothing against christians--
i am striving to become a better one everyday,
but what upsets me, is those who
think that simply because they are,
everyone else must like them.

let me see if i can explain a little better,
i am sometimes offended and
would rather stay away from
one of my so called
"sisters in Christ"

when i met her i was impressed by her
outer carriage of christianity,
which purported to be her inner carriage as well.
she struck me as a holy ghost saint,
rooted, grounded,
and fire baptised.
i have no doubt that her faith is strong
and that she believes in her heavenly father--
as only a true child can.

what seems obnoxious to me,
is the things of the world that she has not shaken off.
the sister walks the competive edge of the corporate world,
and can almost be called sneaky.
gossip seems to be an old friend of hers,
and she is not above using guilt,
especially against fellow x-tians,
to get what she wants.

how do i deal with this obnoxious sister?
after all, we are both human.
being human ain't no sin,
revelling in that humanity is.
i was taught that we are supposed 2b
striving to live as Jesus lived--
allow him to shine through in us.

if he is ordering our steps, our thoughts, our paths,
do we have time to be obnoxious,
to act like a "normal"
human being?
if we are living in Christ
and living in the
we are not normal by any stretch of the imagination.

(imagination--that  is something else that is supposed 2b brought under his subjection)